Last night Paris was the target of 7 coordinated attacks claiming the lives of more than 150 people and injuring more. ISIL, on cue, has claimed responsibility for these acts, the latest of a series that also targeted Beirut and Baghdad this week. These attacks are not happening in a vacuum. Particularly when we consider the ones on western soil, it’s not random that certain countries seem to always be targets. However deplorable, they are a reaction to perpetual war, displacement and manufactured poverty. This neither justifies nor condones them, but one cannot so violently antagonize whole regions and expect no consequences.

Western governments should take responsibility for what they have created, drop that “woe is me” facade. The radicalized youth terrorizing their streets are the fruit of their womb, their deformed offspring. Paris should turn to its leaders and understand that they have become collateral damage in their senseless war.

True evil doesn’t burst into flames out in the open – that’s the language of the desperate, the disenfranchised, the fearful.
True evil burns slow in the shadows, refuses to educate its people so it can scare them into submission, absolve them from the guilt of their horrors by ignorance, let’s them believe that their prosperity is honestly earned and not at the expense of countless lives.

Leaders of these terrorist cells are simply reaping the bountiful crop of terrified youths the west has left in their wake on their quest for hegemonic dominance, giving them the illusion of power in a world where everything has been taken from them, restoring a sense of dignity albeit to nefarious and equally selfish ends.

For decades, centuries even, the West has been waging war on the global South to secure its own interests out of greed. Islam is the religion of terrorism? What of the God of the “free” market with his invisible hand? His disciples are many, spreading the good gospel of drone democracy and profit maximization at any cost, converting the Gentiles to the one true socio-economic system, preaching docility while dispensing death and destruction like free candy. The hypocrisy is strong in this one.

Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Or business as usual for Western governments, leaving houses of cards wherever they go, mortgaging their own people’s futures and safety, taking advantage of the resulting chaos to control “the great beast”, imposing destructive economic sanctions, backing dictatorial regimes and gagging dissenting voices and movements.

Bullets and bombs, empty stomachs or drained pockets, whatever their weapon of choice, death and fear will follow. It’s not war when one side has a full arsenal and the other is just picking up its scraps in a desperate attempt to survive.

Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, World, stay strong. One day, the true authors of your misfortune will be held accountable.