I get the celebration when African countries conduct “fair” elections. Hurray for democracy. But why celebrate the fact that we have assimilated the system that enslaved us in the first place? We as Africans need to get back to modes of governance that were created to work within the african society with the african constituent in mind. We had systems that allowed for the representation of different people, autonomous bodies etc. They may have not been perfect but they were ours to fix. 

We see poverty as a disease, abundance of currency as synonymous with a rich, fulfilled life. We do everything to escape it, work harder to make more money for what exactly? We are being made to believe that is what leading a life is but I can’t accept that. That need then makes us more susceptible and willing to accept parasitic economic systems imposed on us by our governments instead of creating new ones that allow us to live in a more sustainable manner, less of this overconsumption. I’m not saying luxury is bad, I’m just saying there must be ways to be more considerate as to how we use our limited resources.