Every now and then the internet amazes me, not what is on it necessary (although a big factor) but what it represents. We the plebs are recording history and our everyday in an unprecedented way and it is glorious.

As long as these records are preserved leaders won’t be able to lie (as easily) about our times and whitewash events to suit their narratives like their pre-web predecessors. Digital archeologists of the future will have a field day with the troves of data we’ll leave for them to sift through.

People studying our time won’t have to speculate on how the common folk responded to events, how we lived our lives. We’ve aired it all, good and bad. We have more control over our truths and our lies. It’ll definitely make for interesting history classes in 2198.



Listen up future me (a prophetic prayer of sorts)

Wake up early, stretch, light exercise, meditate
Take a shower, not too cool, not too warm, scents of mint and berries
Get dressed. Hopefully you live somewhere warm so thin cottons, silks and if you’re feeling fancy,lace and organza
Make breakfast, fruits, meat, eggs bread and fresh juice, the mind is your palace but the body must live
Sit down and create till noon
Make a light lunch, sandwich maybe, and take a walk or a bike ride around town, beach, market, forest
Just outside doing nothing but soaking up your surroundings, people watching, unplugging
Find a spot, take a good nap, wake up and and head back home
More creation till early evening
Make dinner. For sanity spend this time with others, talking, laughing, sharing
Ready yourself for bed, preferably within the pages of a book but a loved one’s arms will do
Thank the forces that keep you going, be they within yourself or in some transcendent being
Sleep, for everyday must come to an end.