I get the celebration when African countries conduct “fair” elections. Hurray for democracy. But why celebrate the fact that we have assimilated the system that enslaved us in the first place? We as Africans need to get back to modes of governance that were created to work within the african society with the african constituent in mind. We had systems that allowed for the representation of different people, autonomous bodies etc. They may have not been perfect but they were ours to fix. 

I think some believe the world is going to shit because when we come into it, are born, we are sheltered from its harsh realities. We grow out of innocence and begin to see the world for that it is. We are no longer insulated by our ignorance. The bigger our world gets, metaphysically that is, the clearer picture of what the world, in its state of constant war, really is like. Bad shit has always been happening, we just didn’t know about it. With The Internet and new media, more and more people are beginning to get, at the very least, a glimpse. As much as there is bad, there is also a wide spread awakening brought on by this awareness. We the youth operate where the power is beginning to amass, we were raised along with the digital age and we might be creating something interesting.