Fear is lying in your bed,

Thinking about crossing the road.

You look onto it and suddenly all the cars disappear

You still hear the murmur of engines, gravel crunching under tires, smell pungent fuel evaporating into air

They are still there

But somehow faded from sight

You cannot trust your eyes

You cannot trust your mind

You cannot trust yourself

Fear is doubt’s president

Fear wraps itself around you, paralyses you

Constrictor snaking its way into your every fiber until it swallows you whole.


Create create create

till you spew out something

that can make order out of this chaos

or at least rearrange it 

make it into a mess worth looking at

consume – voraciously

share, don’t be afraid

at best they will love it

at worst they won’t

but it will still be

you will have created

from nothing something will be born

pick up your axe

make yourself a table and a chair

a bed if lying makes it easier

don’t ignore the voices

speak with them

or louder than them

scream until your lungs give out

shine – bright and blinding


fall and stand 

dust yourself off 

patch up your holes

or make a new dress altogether 

do until you can’t do anymore

then do more

soar until you can’t tell

down from up

To Know You

Looking in from afar

How did you even come to be?

Our paths have crossed

But my fingers only graze your shadow

You’ve captured me

Carved yourself in my mind

Simply by existing

To know you

To be in the presence one

            So purposed

So driven

            So clear

Technicolor spectre in a black and white world

A talent that freezes me

I see it all, you show it all

One word

One look

All I ask for is a beginning

No promise of tomorrow

An open door would suffice

A cracked window would be enough

I’m at the end of my rope but I’m going down swinging.

Curse of the Bottle

Room spinning, every cell of this body
Rejecting flowing rivers of darkness
Gushing out of my mouth into the Oh my
God didn’t make it in time roommate
Screams sink is clogged.

Hospital bed stomach pumping blood in my alcohol stream

Joy riding car swerving wind shield
Shattering limbs raining I – I didn’t see him
Coming… jail cell house warming.

Leave her alone she’s just a child, buckle
In my face, purple-blue blush
Hennessey flavoured kisses shirts unbuttoning
No means yes means no means shut the
Fuck up and suck my dick bitch