Every now and then the internet amazes me, not what is on it necessary (although a big factor) but what it represents. We the plebs are recording history and our everyday in an unprecedented way and it is glorious.

As long as these records are preserved leaders won’t be able to lie (as easily) about our times and whitewash events to suit their narratives like their pre-web predecessors. Digital archeologists of the future will have a field day with the troves of data we’ll leave for them to sift through.

People studying our time won’t have to speculate on how the common folk responded to events, how we lived our lives. We’ve aired it all, good and bad. We have more control over our truths and our lies. It’ll definitely make for interesting history classes in 2198.



I’m begining to feel increasingly trapped. It’s hard to be an idealist when confronted with such a soul sucking reality. Fun times with capitalist society and its extractory expectations. Somehow I’m made to feel like a failure because I don’t prescribe to the cookie cutter existence that is being shoved down my throat. School, job, marriage, children – a pancake mix life, just add your blood, sweat and tears. This is not to say that these things are intrisically bad but the way we’re pushed towards them, how they become markers of a life well lived is daunting.

My body is posited as a force of production primarily so I am only useful when I can produce. “Idleness” is our Big Bad (definetly the root of ableism imo). The way we think of time off, weekends, holidays, hobbies makes me weary. They’re just the things we do on The Side. But is The Side not where life is? Cliché but this society effectively makes us live to work instead of working to live. Work days are longer, time off a luxury. Why is it that my time is only useful if I’m producing something for monetary consumption?

I want to keep my idealism but I’m not stupid either. I don’t want to keep shaving off parts of myself just so I can afford rent and food. I’m left jagged and aimless in the monotone humdrum of modern life. I have no interest in certain industries because of their contributions to the military-industrial complex, I’m constantly riding myself raw because of the products I use (no ethical consumption in the capitalist world) but I try to remain pragmatic about my approach – I know the kinds of skills that will let me survive and maybe even thrive in the world and I do continue to develop them, skills that make me as independent from the hold of the mainstream workforce and the superstructure it helps maintain as possible.

I don’t want my livelihood to be dependent on me performing pointless acts with unseen consequences especially if the result is me personally creating more value for some faceless CEO in a day than I’ll see in a month. There has to be more to life.

Current mainstream educational models lead to a uniformity of thought, force everyone to work at the same pace so the people on the margins, those who learn too fast or those who learn at a slower pace are often left frustrated and discouraged – left to think that they are stupid simply because they can’t adapt to a rigid system that was not created to evolve while trying to mould a mind that is constantly doing so. 

Once you’ve taught people rudimentary skills: arithmetics, reading, writing, the art of conversation in oral cultures and critical thought, let their mind wonder without your constrictions. Maybe the key to someone’s understanding of science is in PE but because you don’t let them explore that you quell whatever they could learn then punish their “stupidity” while you are the one who failed to adequately educate.

The way school is (for the most part) structured affects the way we think. It gets us used to being spoon fed information instead of going out and looking for it and examining it for ourselves, creates a culture of slaves who also expect to be served, makes us docile and unquestioning. There are many things you can outsource, thinking should not be one of them. If anything it should be a collaborative effort. The world is changing so why isn’t the way we are educated changing with it? The world we want (perhaps need) won’t be created if we keep churning out subservient individuals to be “workers for the state, and cannon fodder for the states army“.

Education should be about theory of thought and application by now. We all (to certain degrees anyway) have access to a wide array of information in our current times. We should be teaching people how best to process it, judge it and apply the synthesized knowledge within whatever cultural frame they inhabit, allow as many people to self actualize in a healthy supportive environment.

Education as following different trains of thought framed within what ever organizational pattern suits the learner.

Education as self-optimization in a symbiotic environment in perpetual motion.

A few things to consider for further exploration:

  • Teacher should be a guide not a dictator
  • Expert is a presumptuous title – assuming mastery over a field that is in constant evolution. All our attempts at reasoning is asymptotic to truth. At best.
  • Knowing more isn’t always knowing better
  • Is a mind really free if one not using it in all the dimensions that one can? it’s like you’re given a master key and you use it to only open one door – the case for polymathism

I have had to call many places home over the years. As a result I have thought a lot about what that word means. Home: a place where you feel welcomed. All that I am, I want to be able to be freely in the places that I call home. They are scattered around the world but I am ever so grateful that I have them.

I think I love my thoughts too much to reduce them to aphorisms – more precisely my thoughts rarely appear in such conveniently condensed packages, usually taking the form of multiple interconnected streams that are better suited for long form or in some cases, non-verbal medium. I prefer to present my thoughts in whatever form suits them best as opposed to bending them into a space they were never meant to occupy in the first place. This is the real reason I think I feel the need to master as many modes of communication as I can.