The Art Tickling my Fancy

It must be a factor of minimalism and abstract thought dominating my mind at the moment but I’ve been drawn towards certain types of artist of late. Clean lines, laser focused use of colours, whimsical projections, whatever it is about these following artists, they’ve definitely found themselves seared into my imaginary. I’ll let their work speak for itself.

Issak Ik Emokpae



"two dimensional sculptural portraits" #oluseye

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Victor Ekpuk

Studio today. #artiststudio #victorekpuk

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Francis Kalu Essoua AKA Enfant Précoce


Neals Niat

Victork Ehikhamenor

Woman in trance. #tbt #thingsremembered

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Iman Geddy


Adele Supreme

We just want the food to appear already

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Promise O’nali


Bryant Giles

" morning "

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