To Know You

Looking in from afar

How did you even come to be?

Our paths have crossed

But my fingers only graze your shadow

You’ve captured me

Carved yourself in my mind

Simply by existing

To know you

To be in the presence one

            So purposed

So driven

            So clear

Technicolor spectre in a black and white world

A talent that freezes me

I see it all, you show it all

One word

One look

All I ask for is a beginning

No promise of tomorrow

An open door would suffice

A cracked window would be enough

I’m at the end of my rope but I’m going down swinging.

When They Shut Their Ears

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” His grandfather’s words still resonated in the air as he looked on to the road that lead out of his village. I cannot turn back now he thought. All those visions that once resided only in his mind were now laid out on the horizon. He only had to put one foot before the other.

Ahamadou was afraid.

Not the type of fear that paralyzed you, sucked the essence and will out of your body till all that was left was an empty shell. No, his fear was like a firm hand pushing him out the door, opening his eyes, birthing him into a foreign world. This fear knew him, it was his friend. It did not promise an easy road. It simply lead the way into a darkness that only he could illuminate. Who was he to refuse this quest? His vision had been made clear to him: he had to go – and he would.